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Ravi Menon is the Institute of Policy Studies' 9th S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore. This book is an edited collection of his four IPS-Nathan Lectures, delivered in July 2021, and includes highlights of his question-and-answer segments with our virtual audience.Mr Menon examines how Singapore will come under pressure from four tectonic shifts altering the global landscape. Although still relevant, Singapore's guiding ethos of adaptation, meritocracy, and pragmatism may no longer be sufficient. To secure our future, we will need more innovation, inclusion, and inspiration. What does an innovative economy look like? What does it take to create a more inclusive society? What does it mean to be an inspiring nation? How does it all hold together in a refreshed Singapore Synthesis?The IPS-Nathan Lecture series was launched in 2014 as part of the S R Nathan Fellowship for the Study of Singapore. It seeks to advance public understanding and discussion of issues of critical national interest for Singapore.

  • Foreword
  • About the Moderators
  • About the Cover Illustrator
  • Lecture I — The Four Horsemen
  • Lecture II — An Innovative Economy
  • Lecture III — An Inclusive Society
  • Lecture IV — An Inspiring Nation
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Readership: General readers interested in issues facing Singapore and Singapore's future.
Key Features:

  • The Singapore Synthesis gives readers a perspective of how Singapore will face fundamental changes in the global landscape, and how Singaporeans ought to rethink and adapt its current ethos to secure its future. In his book, Ravi Menon gives an overview of these fundamental shifts, terming them "The Four Horsemen" — demographics, inequality, technology, and climate. In response to these four challenges, he proposes a refreshed Singapore Synthesis — a three-prong approach of innovation, inclusion, and inspiration for Singapore to propel itself forward and remain relevant
  • Known as one of the world's best central bankers, Ravi Menon gives an insightful overview of what it means for Singapore to have an innovative economy, inclusive society, and be an inspiring nation — for its citizens and residents, and the rest of the world. He provides both an in-depth and macro perspective on issues not limited to the economic realm, but also to various segments of society and the nation as a whole. He calls on Singaporeans to reassess the values underlying Singapore's social fabric, and urges Singaporeans to work together in the process
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