The Purple Parrot

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This is one of the oldest standing structures in Rehoboth. The house was moved to this location in 1890, from Baltimore Ave. and Ocean Front. There were two separate homse and a beach cottage until the 1950s when they were all combined to form "The Ship's Bell Inn Aparments." In the 70s it was converted into a retail store with aparments above known as Element's, a women's apparel store. In 2003, it sold for the last time and was rescued from being condemned. It was completely restored into a beach restaurant and four apartments, saving the original architecture and beach cottage look for which it has received many restoration awards. The new owners, Hugh Fuller and Troy Roberts, had opened the Purple Parrot Grill in 1999 in another location. At the time they already owned a casual restaurant and wanted to open a fine dining Chop House. But, they realized the town had too many fine dining restaurants and very few fun casual beach places. So they opted to do what they do best and stay with the Key West tropical laid back feel that they do so well with fresh grilled fish, oen pound burgers, poultry, tropical salsas and Caribbean drinks. After six very popular years at their previous location, their ultimate dream was realized with the purchase and relocation to this current spot. The grand opening was January 14, 2005 - an overwhelming success!

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