The Captain of Nemain's Revenge (Paperback)

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Phantom is the colorful moniker that befell the infamous pirate Captain of the Eleven Devils. To the pious people of Samsara, he is the villain, known for his cunning and cruelty. But to the villagers of Kheli, he is quite the opposite.

Without the raids Phantom orchestrates, the island of Kheli would fall to the tyranny of Samsara's Prime Minister. But he doesn't want to be their hero. He dreams of the open ocean and to take his devils - the crew he considers family - to the edges of the map and beyond. Far enough to rewrite the maps completely.

First, he has to fulfill his promises. The ones he made to every devil on his ship that they and their families would have freedom. A promise unfulfilled while the island is dictated by the Minister.

But the Captain has a plan to capture a songbird and a Stone and trade them in ransom to the Minister for Kheli.

Only, she is not what he expected.

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ISBN: 9798986449609
Publisher: McKenzie Hatton
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English