Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed (Paperback)

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SOMETHING IS MISSING IN MODERN CHRISTIANITY.There is something missing in today's Christian community and its absence is devastating people's faith, freedom, and understanding of the gospel message. What's missing is the revolutionary, life-changing, chain-breaking, and truly radical grace of God. Author and teacher Laurel Appel is a survivor of childhood abuse, and she knows the danger of believing a false gospel that hinges on being good, better, and best. Appel struggled for years, trying to reconcile her feelings of worthlessness with her faith, trying to clean herself up, trying to find freedom in a spiral of sin. Only after she immersed herself in a careful study of Scripture and turned a spotlight on where the church has gotten it wrong did Appel find the true freedom offered by Jesus and his abundant, comprehensive grace. You too, can discover that kind of grace.

Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed will equip you to:

- Find your authentic self and true value in God.- Avoid the B.S. Gospel, work/reward approach to life, and graceless teachings.- Understand your dual nature and break the cycle of trying to conquer your sin.- Break free from the weighty chains of legalism and the CODE.- Receive the victory Jesus has already given you as you walk in righteousness.
The grace of the Gospel truly is sufficient, and it is available to you immediately. Join Appel as she untangles the knots and helps you live free and unashamed when you embrace God's radical grace.

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ISBN: 9798985538700
Publisher: Appel Creations
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 290
Language: English