From the Arctic Circle to Zambia and Exotic Places in-Between: Memoirs of a Foreign Service Spouse Who is Also a Birdwatcher! (Paperback)

From the Arctic Circle to Zambia and Exotic Places in-Between: Memoirs of a Foreign Service Spouse Who is Also a Birdwatcher! By Janet Peterson Cover Image


Explore the captivating journey of a birdwatcher who became a Foreign Service spouse as Janet Peterson recounts her unique experiences spanning 'From the Arctic Circle to Zambia and Exotic Places In-Between.' Through the lens of diplomacy and birdwatching, this memoir delves into cultural diversity, adventure, and unexpected life twists.

Embark on an enthralling voyage alongside Janet Peterson in 'From the Arctic Circle to Zambia and Exotic Places In-Between,' a vivid memoir that encapsulates her remarkable life journey. The narrative unfolds as Janet shares her chronicles as a Foreign Service spouse—a role that leads her from enchanting landscapes to unexpected challenges, all while cultivating her passion for birdwatching.

Janet's journey commences with an unexpected encounter that forever alters her course. Meeting Jon, a National Marine Fisheries Service biologist, sparks a series of life changes. Their love story unfolds, leading to the adoption of a young boy and Jon's mid-life career transition, which propels them into the world of the Foreign Service.

As Janet and Jon delve into their new diplomatic roles, they traverse a plethora of countries, from Cameroon to Costa Rica, and Zambia to Switzerland. Each destination unfolds as a tapestry woven with cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and enthralling birdwatching opportunities. Janet's narratives vividly capture the essence of each place, showcasing the varied shades of life from lush jungles to pristine mountains, and from vibrant deserts to tranquil seashores.

Janet's role as a Community Liaison Office Coordinator at embassies further immerses her in local cultures, enabling her to facilitate newcomers' acclimatization to embassy life and arrange unforgettable field trips. Safaris, often a highlight, offer glimpses of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Throughout this memoir, Janet effortlessly interlaces her birdwatching passion with everyday experiences and exhilarating escapades. Her stories encapsulate the thrill of spotting elusive bird species, the challenges of adapting to unfamiliar environments, and the joy of discovering unexpected connections with the world around her.

Janet's narrative weaves through pivotal moments, both heartwarming and heartrending. From experiencing the contrasts between countries like Switzerland and Cameroon to navigating personal trials, such as watching the devastation of Hurricane Katrina from afar and receiving tragic reports from family and friends. She returned one year later when Jon received an assignment to Baghdad and lived in a travel trailer where her house once stood. Her storytelling resonates with authenticity and resilience.

Intriguing, insightful, and deeply personal, 'From the Arctic Circle to Zambia and Exotic Places In-Between' invites readers to accompany Janet on a voyage that transcends geographical boundaries. Janet's memoir speaks to the transformative power of embracing new experiences, nurturing passions, and finding meaning in unexpected encounters.

About the Author

Janet watched the chicken-sized bird as it foraged in her backyard. It had a bright red beak, legs, and eye rings. The breast was striped - an exact black and white horizontal stripe and the back was the color of a Rhode Island Red, except the tail was down-turned, like a grouse. Her search for an ID led to a life-changing hobby – birdwatcher!
At the time, she was a Regional Sales Director for General Nutrition Centers, covering a three-state territory, and routinely worked eighty to ninety hours per week. This new hobby gave her a much-needed break from her busy schedule. Eventually, she bought a GNC franchise and settled into a more normal routine.
She met Jon, a National Marine Fisheries Service biologist, two years later. They married and adopted a six-month-old boy. Jon made a mid-life career change, joined the State Department, and they spent the next twenty years in bird-friendly countries like Cameroon, Costa Rica, and Zambia.
She worked at most embassies, sometimes as the Community Liaison Office Coordinator, who welcomed newcomers to the embassy and coordinated field trips. Safaris were always popular.
She began writing short stories about her experiences. Some stories involved birds, but many were about everyday life or exciting journeys. This book is a compilation of her adventures. And no, she never discovered the identity of that chicken-like bird!
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Publication Date: November 28th, 2023
Pages: 400
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