Thriving: Facing Cancer with Faith, Positivity & Serenity (Paperback)

Thriving: Facing Cancer with Faith, Positivity & Serenity By Kim King Cover Image
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An inspirational book for people with cancer, their caretakers, and anyone who loves someone who is battling cancer.

"I could be vulnerable and reach out to others for love and prayers and support, and fill my being with their light, their strength, their energy and their sustenance." - from essay, Brave Not

"Sometimes, though rare, either surrounded by people or in my own quiet moment, I felt alone, with lung cancer as my only companion." - from poem, Loneliness

"I think our mind also plays a strong role in pain management. I believe that the more we worry and obsess about future pain, the more pain we will experience when it arrives." - from essay, Pain

"Slipping back to the person I was before cancer is, indeed, the most frightening experience I can imagine." - from essay, Slipping Back
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ISBN: 9798218114039
Publisher: Kim King
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 254
Language: English