King David and His Psalms: Lessons of Courage and Inspiration for Today's Tough Times (Paperback)

King David and His Psalms: Lessons of Courage and Inspiration for Today's Tough Times By Eric Doroshow (Illustrator), Eric Doroshow Cover Image
By Eric Doroshow (Illustrator), Eric Doroshow
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Today's current events have shaken us to the core and forced us to re-evaluate how we are living our lives. We are searching for direction in dealing with the unprecedented challenges we face. But where can we find guidance to help us navigate these unprecedented times?

In this book, the author suggests that we can look back to Biblical times to find this guidance for today. King David showed both great strength and serious faults during his life. The author suggests that we can take the lessons from his story to help guide us today.

The book begins with a brief historical review of the 12 Tribes of Israel and King David. Next, the author highlights the episodes of courage that King David demonstrated during his life. In subsequent chapters, the author surveys how Christianity, Islam, and Judaism view King David. A chapter on King David and leadership provides the reader with real life tools. Then the author discusses the bitter archeological debate about King David.

In the following chapter, the author discusses the soaring inspiration and poetry of the 9 of his favorite Davidic Psalms. He illustrates these Psalms by creating 9 original watercolors representing each Psalm's theme.

In the concluding chapter, the author tells us how David's story is relevant to us today. As a master certified life coach, he works with people in all walks of life dealing with stressful situations. He discusses how the qualities David exhibited can be applied to deal with life's most serious challenges.
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ISBN: 9798218098674
Publisher: Weldin Park Associates LLC
Publication Date: February 11th, 2023
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Language: English