The Crimson Gods (Hardcover)

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When powerful siblings discover a terrifying truth, will they embrace a new destiny or turn to darkness?

Ashaya Blacksun has had a weight lifted from her shoulders. Freed by her father's abdication of his crown, the former princess's delight over choosing her own path is barely dimmed by her strange and haunting dreams. But when her beloved twin brother doesn't return home from a ranging expedition, the unconventional young woman fears something has gone terribly wrong.

Born into royalty, Sirich Blacksun quietly seethes that he's no longer heir to the throne. Still determined to maintain a position of leadership, he sets out to investigate the disturbing news of carnage in the south. But when he crosses paths with a powerful figure straight out of lore, the temptation to ignore his beloved father's bold vision in favor of his own ambition becomes increasingly difficult to resist.

Defying tradition by sneaking off to find her missing twin, Ashaya's travels over deadly terrain are plagued by intensifying visions that point to a dark fate. And as Sirich's strange new companion shows him a new way forward, the frustrated would-be king faces a frightening choice.

As these scions of nobility grapple with a new reality, will their quest for truth end in tragedy?

The Crimson Gods is the first book in the sweeping Crimson Gods medieval epic fantasy series. If you like fierce characters, ancient fables, and stunning twists, then you'll love Chris M. Christian's breathtaking epic.

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ISBN: 9781737343028
ISBN-10: 1737343029
Publisher: Smokescreen Press
Publication Date: October 18th, 2021
Pages: 328
Language: English