Fated To A Lycan Prince: First Blood (Paperback)

Fated To A Lycan Prince: First Blood By Marcelle Sixx Cover Image
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Aaron-the prince of Lycan breeds from the "Destined for the Lycan King" trilogy- never wanted to settle down or commit to traditions. With a fiery appetite for life after an unexpected heartbreak, he throws himself into the family business and the completion of his schooling, vowing for it to never happen again. His dreams, however, seem to guide him in a different direction. Like his father, and his father before him, Aaron hears and feels who is fated to be his new mate.Sasha Welch-a psychology major who is low on self-esteem-has a chance run in with the prince. Unlike with everyone else's piercing stares at the scar curving the outer corner of her eye, she doesn't become self-conscious, rather shaken with her insides on fire. Aaron seems to make her womanly walls clench without saying a single word.The connection between the two is so strong that Aaron is more than willing to teach Sasha what a dominant of his character is really all about. However, his goldie-loc ex, Melanie, isn't allowing another woman to come in between the man she left, and her love. With a new set of claws, Melanie says to hell with so-called fate and sets out to reclaim the man she turned her back on before he receives his crown, and before he can place a pretty tiara on someone else's head.
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ISBN: 9781709756573
ISBN-10: 1709756578
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 72
Language: English