Stoicism: How an ancient discipline can help you in your everyday life to control your thinking, overcome obstacles and gain per (Paperback)

Stoicism: How an ancient discipline can help you in your everyday life to control your thinking, overcome obstacles and gain per Cover Image
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You Are 1-Click Away From Understanding Why Stoicism Is Just As Relevant Today As It Was Over 2000 Years Ago And How To Take Advantage Of Stoic Philosophy To Live A Life Free From Stress, Worry, Overthinking, Low Self-Esteem And More

Dating to as early as 300 BC, stoicism is making a comeback and setting itself apart as a preferred philosophy for dealing with today's unique problems/challenges.

There is a reason why some of the most successful people in the world like Tim Ferriss, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Thomas Kaplan, Charlie Munger, and Tim Ferriss swear by the philosophy. It must be offering something unique and attractive for such people to make it a part of their lives. Tim Ferriss even went ahead to refer to it as "a simple and immensely practical set of rules for better results with less effort."

If you want to achieve massive success, just like the names I mentioned above, perhaps you may want to consider adopting stoicism, to shape your thinking so that you could probably have similar sentiments as Tim Ferriss as mentioned above.

But what exactly is stoicism?

What does it entail?

What exactly does the philosophy stand for?

What does it teach?

Who are some of the famous stoics?

How can it better your life?

How do you make it part of your life?

What should you expect from adopting stoicism?

If you have these and many other related questions, keep reading.

This book takes a practical, easy to follow approach to help you to understand stoicism inside out so that you can start applying it in your life to realize the benefits that Tim Ferriss, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Thomas Kaplan, Bill Gates and many others get from following stoicism.

The book will teach you:
  • The basics of stoicism, including what it is and what it stands for
  • What stoicism has to say about our emotions and how we can tap on that to our advantage
  • How stoicism has been applied in today's science based methods of understanding and influencing human psychology
  • The discipline of will, its types and the application of the 3 disciplines in everyday life
  • How to master your surroundings for your benefit while applying stoic principles
  • How to deal with negative emotions the stoic way
  • How to switch your perspective of failure to the stoic way of thinking to ensure you don't get frustrated and discouraged
  • How you can effectively deal with distractions the right way, without getting carried away, feeling overwhelmed or discouraged
  • Powerful meditation techniques that will keep you grounded and make it easy for you to apply stoic teachings
  • How to apply minimalism in your life as a stoic
  • Stoic daily regimen that will literally transform your life and life true to Tim Ferriss' sentiments on stoicism
  • That stoicism is not just a preserve of billionaires, millionaires and other highly successful people
  • And much more

Whether this is your first encounter with the term 'stoicism' or not, you will find this book practical, educative and full of wisdom that will inspire you and change how you think in so many ways.

And the best part is that it is easy to follow, as it takes a beginner friendly step by step approach to the topic to help you to start applying what you learn right away

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