Roommate Duet Series: Six Book Complete Set (Paperback)

Roommate Duet Series: Six Book Complete Set By Kennedy Fox Cover Image
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A slow burn duet series involving three sisters who find their true selves and love in the process.

Baby Mine & Baby Yours

Hunter and Lennon fight over everything, but he can't seem to get her off his mind, which is especially difficult since they're roommates. When tragedy strikes, they're left to deal with it together. Instead of being at war, they slowly become friends and lean on one another. Just as they come to terms with their new reality, a life-changing event affects them both. When Lennon's finally ready to admit her feelings, it all comes crashing down when she learns Hunter's been keeping secrets.

Truly Mine & Truly Yours

After Mason and Sophie's random hookup, she becomes off-limits and friends are all they can ever be. Though Mason's always had feelings for her and just wants to protect her, she pushes him away. He wants to prove he's the good guy but when one night turns tragic, he's arrested for murder. As their world spirals out of control, he continues to take care of her. When their relationship finally blossoms into something more, someone threatens to pull them apart. Only this time, Sophie's ready to fight for what she's always wanted-him.

Always Mine & Always Yours

Liam and Maddie are friends but their flirting says otherwise. Maddie's determined to break down Liam's walls and eventually succeeds-neither of them able to deny their chemistry. When they're close to finding their happily ever after, secrets and betrayal tear them apart. Although their situation grows more dangerous, Liam's still determined to save their relationship. Playing with corruption and power will not end well, but Maddie refuses to let him fight alone. She won't give up on the love of her life, even if she might not be able to save him.

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ISBN: 9781637820766
ISBN-10: 1637820763
Publisher: Kennedy Fox Books, LLC
Publication Date: August 6th, 2021
Pages: 1026
Language: English