Foxie, The Singing Dog (Hardcover)

Foxie, The Singing Dog By Ingri d'Aulaire, Edgar Parin d'Aulaire Cover Image
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Whether bringing to life the legends of the mightiest Greek and Norse gods in their widely beloved collections of myths, or retelling Chekhov’s tale of a little lost dog as they do in Foxie, the d’Aulaires excelled at the arts of storytelling and illustration. Foxie’s tale, wonderful to look at and delightful to read, is certain to charm both young children and early readers.

Poor Foxie! With her “head like a fox and her tail like a cinnamon roll” she is adorable enough to charm anyone. But all her young master wants to do is tease her—and he isn’t very good at remembering mealtime either. One day his pranks go too far when he lures his dog out onto the busy city streets with a tasty bone and loses her. Foxie is soon rescued by a roly-poly circus-animal trainer who spots her fl air for singing and adds her to his act, alongside a piano-playing cat and a strutting rooster. Opening night is full of surprises, though, and Foxie is overjoyed when she hears a familiar voice in the audience, calling out her name.

About the Author

Ingri Mortenson (1904-1980) and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire (1898-1986) met at art school in Munich in 1921. Edgar's father was a noted Italian portrait painter, his mother a Parisian. Ingri traced her lineage back to the Viking kings. They married in Norway, moving to Paris, and then eventually to New York in 1929. The d'Aulaires published their first children's book in 1931, followed by three books steeped in the Scandinavian folklore of Ingri's childhood. The couple then turned their talents to the history of their new country. The result was a series of beautifully illustrated books about American heroes, one of which, Abraham Lincoln, won the them the Caldecott Medal. Finally they turned to the realm of myths, producing their beloved Book of Greek Myths. The d'Aulaires worked as a team on both art and text throughout their joint career, publishing over twenty picture books, and receiving high critical acclaim for their distinguished contributions to children's literature. They were working on a new book when Ingri died in 1980 at the age of seventy-five. Edgar continued working until he died in 1986.

Praise For…

“The robust and mischievous humor of these fine lithographs on stone are admirably carried out by the text…This is one of the best of the excellent books by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire.” –The New York Times

“There is a gay happy quality about the adventures of this appealing little dog that is enhanced by lively illustrations that go step by step with the story.” –Ontario Library Review

“The d’Aulaires have told the story of Foxie with such sincerity that it reads like a true story.” – The National Council of Teachers of English
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ISBN: 9781590172643
ISBN-10: 1590172647
Publisher: NYR Children's Collection
Publication Date: March 18th, 2008
Pages: 48
Language: English