Christian Healing (Golden Classics #47) (Paperback)

Christian Healing (Golden Classics #47) By Success Oceo (Editor), Charles Fillmore Cover Image
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This is book number 47 in the Golden Classics series.


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Being Your Own Healer

This is the master teacher Charles Fillmore's first book. This book is from his rich writing experience, as he had been writing on this mental science subject for about twenty years before this book was published.

This primer introduces Charles Fillmore's basic teachings and it is like a foundation course for his other works. You learn the power of your thoughts, manifestation, and also you will find the chapters seven through twelve foretell his teachings from his another remarkable book The Twelve Powers of Man.

Just as Charles Fillmore taught, these teachings of this spiritual science are to be practiced and not merely to be believed or read. Practice yields results and brings transformation.

In fact, in the preface of the book you will find that you are asked to put these series of lessons into practice and, practice certain affirmation given at the end of each lesson. It's a practice book more than something to be just read.

The Twelve Lessons:

Lesson One: The True Character of Being, Statements for the Realization of Divine Mind
Lesson Two: Being's Perfect Idea, Statements for the Realisation of the Son of God
Lesson Three: Manifestation, "I AM" Realizations
Lesson Four: The Formative Power of Thought, Affirmations for Right Thinking
Lesson Five: How to Control Thought, Cleansing and Purifying Statements
Lesson Six: The Word, The Power of Words
Lesson Seven: Spirituality or Prayer and Praise, Living Words to Quicken Spirituality, Establishing the Perfect Substance
Lesson Eight: Faith, Faith Affirmations
Lesson Nine: Imagination, Perfection in Form Established
Lesson Ten: Will and Understanding, The Establishment of Will and Understanding;
Lesson Eleven: Judgment and Justice, Judgment and Justice Statements
Lesson Twelve: Love, Love Demonstrated

Some Points From the Book:

1. Turn the power of praise upon whatever you wish to increase. Give thanks that it is now fulfilling your ideal. The faithful law, faithfully observed, will reward you. You can praise yourself from weakness to strength, from ignorance to intelligence, from poverty to affluence, from sickness to health. The little lad with a few loaves and fishes furnished the seed that, through the prayer and thanksgiving of Jesus, increased sufficiently to feed five thousand people.

2. There is but one man. On the spiritual side of his being, every man in the universe has access to that man, eternally existing in Divine Mind as a perfect- man idea. When man appreciates this mighty truth and applies it in his conscious thinking, all manifestation becomes harmonious and orderly to him, and he sees God everywhere.

3. The mind of man is Spirit, soul, body--not separate from God-Mind, but existing in it and making it manifest in an identity peculiar to the individual. Every man is building into his consciousness the three departments of God-Mind, and his success in the process is evidenced by the harmony, in his consciousness, of Spirit, soul, and body.

4. Enlarge your range of vision, and you may see good in what now seems evil. God is good and God is all, hence there can be no real condition but the good. Why should we waste our time fighting evil? If we build our character upon faith, understanding, and love, with the great I AM as the focal center, we shall become pillars in the temple of God.

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About the Author

Charles Sherlock Fillmore (August 22, 1854 - July 5, 1948) founded Unity in the late 1880s along with his wife Myrtle Page Fillmore, a church within the New Thought movement. He became known as an American mystic for his contributions to spiritualist interpretations of biblical Scripture. In 1889, Charles and Myrtle began publication of a new periodical, 'Modern Thought', notable among other things as the first publication to accept for publication the writings of the then 27-year-old New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson. In 1890 they announced a prayer group that would later be called 'Silent Unity'. In 1891, Fillmore's 'Unity' magazine was first published. Although Charles had no intention of making Unity into a denomination, his students wanted a more organized group. He and his wife were among the first ordained Unity ministers in 1906. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore operated the Unity organizations from a campus near downtown Kansas City
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