The World After Ukraine: A Return to Values and the Building of a New Moral Order (Hardcover)

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The World After Ukraine: A Return to Values and the Building of a New Moral Order By Garry Kasparov, Mig Greengard Cover Image
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Russian dissident, former world chess champion and human rights activist Garry Kasparov argues that the invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point in world history: a chance to finally restore the moral values that keep autocracy in check.

When Garry Kasparov's 2015 book Winter is Coming predicted that Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine, its warnings were largely ignored. But seven years later, his prophecies have come true -- and it has finally shocked the West into action. America and many of its NATO allies have sent massive aid packages and defense weapons, and begun isolating Putin from his financial enablers. The effect has been powerful, and we can now begin to imagine his defeat, and what might follow it.
In The World After Ukraine, Kasparov again sees several moves ahead of the rest of us. He shows that the Ukraine crisis has brought us to a key moment: a chance to stem the rise of dictatorship across the globe. By showing the might of democracy and recommitting to a set of moral values we have allowed ourselves to ignore, we can fight back. He identifies the core tenets of this program in this book, and makes the case for how they can win the day.
Relying on his own experiences as first a Russian dissident, then an American civilian and the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation, Kasparov tells stories of oppression and autocracy across the globe, showing how they've been enabled by a world order that prizes strategic and financial assets above morality. He names the ideas and actions that can contain the threat of dictatorship and move us to a brighter, freer future.

About the Author

Garry Kasparov is a business speaker, global human rights activist, author, and former world chess champion. His keynote lectures and seminars on strategic thinking, achieving peak performance, and tech innovation have been acclaimed in dozens of countries. A frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, he is the author of three books, How Life Imitates Chess, Winter is Coming, and Deep Thinking, each of which has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He is also the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and the founder of the Renew Democracy Initiative, an organization devoted to defending American democracy and restoring its place as a beacon of global freedom. He lives in New York.
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ISBN: 9781541703711
ISBN-10: 1541703715
Publisher: PublicAffairs
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2025
Pages: 272
Language: English