The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry (Golden Classics #12) (Paperback)

The Romance of the Forest: Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry (Golden Classics #12) Cover Image
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This is book number 12 in the Golden Classics series.


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An unknown girl given to a stranger, a deserted Abby, secret chambers, bones, a cruel Marquis, the handsome stranger, The Romance of the Forest is a romance novel and adventure in one. A guilty pleasure for young girls whose imagination has a tendency to run wild. What evil lurked each time they took the carriage out? What unknown spirit lived within the forest?

Radcliffe's descriptions of nature and her creation of an admirable, attractive heroine make this book memorable. The elements of horror and suspense necessary for a gothic novel also make this novel exciting.

The first part of this novel is enthralling and a page turner as well as the last part of the book, as Adeline's family secrets are revealed and plot lines are tied up.

Radcliffe is a great writer and does a wonderful job pulling readers into her characters and keeping you guessing about what's going to happen to Adeline next throughout the entire narrative.

The novel was Radcliffe's first major, popular success, going through four editions in its first three years.

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About the Author

Ann Radcliffe (9 July 1764 - 7 February 1823) was an English author and pioneer of the Gothic novel. Her style is Romantic in its vivid descriptions of landscapes and long travel scenes, yet the Gothic element is obvious through her use of the supernatural. It was her technique "the explained supernatural," the final revelation of inexplicable phenomena, that helped the Gothic novel achieve respectability in the 1790s. Very little is known of Ann Radcliffe's life. In 1823, the year of her death, the Edinburgh Review, said: "She never appeared in public, nor mingled in private society, but kept herself apart, like the sweet bird that sings its solitary notes, shrouded and unseen." Radcliffe was born as Ann Ward in Holborn, London, on 9 July 1764. Her father was William Ward, a haberdasher, who later moved to Bath to manage a china shop. Her mother was Ann Oates. In 1787, she married the Oxford graduate and journalist William Radcliffe, part-owner and editor of the English Chronicle. He often came home late, and to occupy her time she began to write, and read her work to him when he returned home. Radcliffe's fiction is characterised by seemingly supernatural events that are then provided rational explanations. Throughout her work, traditional moral values are asserted, the rights of women are advocated, and reason prevails. Radcliffe is considered one of the founders of Gothic literature. While there were others that preceded her, Radcliffe was the one that legitimised the genre. Sir Walter Scott called her the "founder of a class or school," Radcliffe influenced many later authors, including the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), and Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), and of the many lesser imitators of the "Radcliffe School," such as Harriet Lee and Catherine Cuthbertson.
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