Temperature: Bitter Cold (Hardcover)

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Newly minted zombie, Sally Mertill, is kidnapped by a nondescript van in front of her fellow zombie and mentor Bocnic Drewings or Bo as his friends call him. He can only guess why someone would take Sally: she can raise the dead. Bo is forced to seek out assistance from a self-serving witch named Zemra if he is going to save Sally. What he learns scares him. Sally's surreal trek through a world of unimaginable creatures has brought her face to face against a menacing entity to outdo them all the church's secret division, The Cross. Bo must travel to Scotland, his birthplace. What bitter end awaits them once he frees Sally from their clutches?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781477276624
ISBN-10: 1477276629
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2012
Pages: 240
Language: English