Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within (Paperback)

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Rise Sister Rise is a call to arms for our sacred feminine to rise up, tell the truth, and lead. From Rebecca Campbell, a writer, mystic, devotional creative, and visionary who supports hundreds of thousands of people to connect with their soul and weave the sacred back into their everyday life.

It is for those who agreed at soul level to be here at this stage in history to lead this global shift that the mystics of all of the ages have predicted: the return of the mother and the rise of the feminine.

Rebecca says: Rise for you, rise for me, when you rise first you rise for She.

Many of us have spent much of our working lives “making it” in a man’s world, leaning on patriarchal methods of survival in order to succeed, dulling down our intuition, and ignoring the fierce power of the feminine. We have ignored the cycles of the feminine in order to survive in a patriarchal linear system—but now the world has changed.

Here Are Some of the Chapters in Rise, Sister Rise:

Part I – Rebecca’s Story
· The Unbinding
· The Wise Women
· Work Baby
· Shakti Rising
· Returning to Avalon
· Tools for Your Rising

Part II – Birthing A New Age
· We Were Made for These Times
· Shakti Always Rises
· The Holy Grail is Within You

Part III – Remembering Our Cyclic Nature
· You Are Spirit Earthed
· You'll Find Your True Nature in Nature
· When Whispers Turn into Shouts

Part IV – Unbinding the Wise, Wild Woman
· The Suppression of the Female Voice
· The Mystic Always Rises
· Finding Mary
· The Return of the Magdalenes

Part V – Redefining Sisterhood
· The Reunion
· The Ones Who Came Before Us
· When Women Circle
· Your Constellation of Sisters
· Calling in Your Sisters

Part VI – Doing the Work
· What Is Rising in You?
· Rising Feminine Archetypes
· New World Rising Birthed by You
· Let the Universe Use You
· Be a Clear Channel
· A Prayer for Times of Remembering
· It's Not Your Job to Save the World
· Keep on Rising

“I’m a super-fan of Rebecca Campbell . . . Rebecca guides her reader to step into their authentic power so that they can live and lead at their highest potential.”
—Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

Rise Sister Rise is a transmission that calls the innate divine feminine wisdom to rise. It is about healing the insecurities, the fears, and the inherited patterns that stop people from trusting the Shakti (power) and wisdom (intuition) that effortlessly flows through them.

It's about recognizing all of the ways we have been keeping ourselves contained and restrained in effort to dim to fit into a certain archetype. It’s about co-creating a whole new archetype—someone who does not keep themself small in order to make others feel more comfortable.

Full of activations, spiritual tools, calls to action, contemplative questions, rituals, and confrontational exercises, this inspirational book teaches that it is safe to let Shakti rise, safe to trust your intuition, and safe to take leaps of faith—because in healing ourselves we are healing the world.

“You have an ancient wisdom within you that is waiting for you to remember, hear, and heed it. These Rise Sister Rise calls to action have been carefully designed to assist you in reclaiming your voice, unbinding your power, unlocking your wisdom, unleashing your true nature, and aligning yourselves with the sacred flow of all of Life.”

Rise Sister Rise.

Love, Rebecca x

About the Author

Rebecca Campbell is an intuitive spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker, teacher, and author of Light is The New Black. Drawing on her experience as an award-winning advertising creative director at a Fortune 500 holding company, Rebecca guides women to courageously answer the unique callings of their soul so that they can light up the world with their presence. www.rebeccacampbell.me

Praise For…

I’m a super-fan of Rebecca Campbell... Rebecca guides her reader to step into their authentic power so that they can live and lead at their highest potential.’ 
- Gabrielle BernsteinNew York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

Rise Sister Rise is an incantation, an initiation, an invocation for you toremember the truth of who you are. It’s a potent mix of divine feminine history, spiritual memoir, incandescent poetry and powerful mantras which willinspire you to unbind the magic within you.”
- Meggan Watterson, author of REVEALHow to Love Yourself, and The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy

‘Rebecca is a ray of light, a refreshing soul. Her gift is evident. She is a role model for women, guiding us to embrace our power and awaken our authentic selves.’
- Leann Rimes, singer-songwriter and Grammy Award-winning artist

‘Rebecca Campbell is a grounded devotional spiritual teacher and messenger here to awaken and call in a new age. Her book Rise Sister Rise is a call to arms for women to remember their intuitive nature, unleash their potent power, and lead from the feminine.’
- Sonia ChoquetteNew York Times bestselling author of Trust Your Vibes

‘Rebecca Campbell is a modern-day High Priestess led by the Divine. I’ve never in my life met anyone who shines like she does. She has cultivated a sacred sisterhood where she holds the space for women to step into their ancient Goddess power now.’
- Kyle gray, author of Wings of Forgiveness and Raise Your Vibration

‘Rebecca and everything she shares is poetic, light-laden, and soul fuelled. She’s a beacon and a heart-led guide for all who know that it is our time to rise.’
- Lisa Lister, author of Love Your Lady Landscape

Rise Sister Rise is a perfectly timed divine love letter written straight from Rebecca’s deep, wide heart and delivered to today’s female mystics through her kind, truthful and authentic voice. It is my honor to tread this path with Rebecca as my friend, sister and co-mystic, and I’m so happy for you that you hold this jewel in your hands right now. Take a breath, make yourself a cup of tea, and dive in to these words and the space they will create in your heart.’
- Hollie Holden, writer of Notes on Living and Loving

‘In my view Rebecca Campbell is the new era of leading-edge authors who empower women, and she will be recalled in a league with greats such as Erica Jong and Maya Angelou. Rise Sister Rise will be a well-loved bible on our book shelves 100 years from now.’
- Nikki Slade, devotional singer and author of The Healing Power of Chanting

‘Each new generation needs a new inspirational voice, and Rebecca Campbell is that voice. I just love witnessing a new, young talent about to unleash a storm that will change the way we think about our personal empowerment and spirituality.’
- Mel Carlile, managing director, Mind Body Spirit Festival

‘Rebecca Campbell is a powerhouse lovingly pushing us into the next paradigm of love and healing. She’s a force of femininity calling forth the truth, the power, the light, and the voice of all women who come in contact with her. Rise Sister Rise is sure to light that inner fire to change themselves, and by that act the world, through the women who open its magic pages. Blessings to Rebecca for her light on the planet in this perilous time. Jai Ma.’
- Sarah Durham Wilson of DOITGIRL

‘Rebecca is a vibrant and authentic voice in the emerging self-empowerment landscape, and effortlessly marries the numinous call of the soul with real-life wisdom for women on the rise.’
- Ruby Warrington, founder, thenuminous.net
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ISBN: 9781401951894
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Publisher: Hay House UK
Publication Date: October 7th, 2016
Pages: 320
Language: English