Polarity Reversed (Paperback)

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Susie is the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash - the mysterious chain of events that led to the tragedy is just the beginning. Much stranger events are about to unfold. Avoiding the two FBI agents investigating her survival is simple - outwitting the multiple plots of Them to kill her is far more intricate, but it becomes personal once They gruesomely murder a friend's family. Determined to lead the authorities to the killers, Susie's experience in the world of Polarity is one that is amazingly helpful, but also deeply cruel and unforgiving.

Then there is Dan.

Polarity. Some have more than others. Much more.

About the Author

Susan prefers to focus on the "what-if" of real human abilities within the realm of speculative fiction. Much of her educational and professional background is highly technical - and this lends itself creatively in her writing. When she isn't traveling, she prefers rock-climbing or going to the beach - or anything that's calm and peaceful. She loves a good sports rivalry - any sport worldwide.
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ISBN: 9780991330430
ISBN-10: 0991330439
Publisher: Okada-Zheng USA LLC
Publication Date: August 9th, 2014
Pages: 342
Language: English