Trust Life (Paperback)

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In this inspirational fiction book, Barry Thomas Bechta share Martha's story. Martha is like many other single moms. She works in a crappy minimum wage job. She lives in a rental apartment with her two kids, and she has a deadbeat ex. Martha's life changes forever when a town recluse leaves a winning lottery ticket as a tip. A lottery ticket with a note inscribed on it with a message encouraging her to Trust Life. When Martha cannot locate the town recluse who gave her the ticket, what is a single mom going to do? She cashes it and begins her journey into the life of new money and all the people who want a piece of what she now has. "Barry has a calm about him that infuses his work" -- Dr. Joe Vitale "Barry's book will edify you to use your I AM effectively" -- Mark Victor Hansen "I have truly benefitted from Barry's wisdom. I know you will too. In fact, nothing would make me happier than knowing that Barry's book helped you access more joy in YOUR life. Because it is from your place of Joy, that your Creation Vibration Attracts each and every dream, every job, every relationship, you want. It wants you, too." -- Alan Cohen.
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ISBN: 9780981348513
ISBN-10: 0981348513
Publisher: Unconditional Love Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 2009
Pages: 70
Language: English