Return of the African Diaspora - A Mother for Celeste (Paperback)

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Return of the African Diaspora is a rich tale woven around the saga of a blended African-American family, whose lives are marred by missed opportunities, painful secrets, and a mystical love that hangs in the balance. Kristin, a college professor in the nation's capital, is brought face-to-face with the indisputable link between the African Diaspora and Mother Africa on an impromptu visit to Ghana. She had hopes that the trip, which she planned as a brief escape from passions for her ex-husband, would also break through her transcendent connection to the daughter born to his new wife. Instead, it leads Kristin toward her destiny, as she learns to follow the breadcrumbs of synchronicity left for her by the universe. Her path takes her far beyond the platform she improvised at Hunter University after returning from her trip, where she helped her students connect the dots between big business, the origin of racism, and other seldom-discussed factors of American slavery. Kristin taps into the courage of her shero, Rosa Parks and their common heritage of growing up in the same neighborhood of Tuskegee, Alabama. The 'Skegee Spirit of the pre-dominantly black college town inspires her to reach out to descendants of the captured Africans, who lost their footing during the American slave experience. She finds motivation in the legacies left by other heroes from her Tuskegee childhood - Lewis Adams, who hired Booker T. Washington as Principal of the new school for former slaves, and Dr. George Washington Carver, the former slave and internationally acclaimed agricultural scientist, whose skills in soil science helped to save a flailing southern economy after the Civil War. Her s(h)eroes helped fuel her determination to move forward in finding a solution that would finally free the black American "underbelly" from its stagnation. Though Universal Intelligence reveals that the solution lies in reuniting the African Diaspora with the Motherland, Kristin also realizes that the level of effort required to succeed would equate to that required to fit a square peg into a round hole. There would be staggering benefits to both sides of the ocean - but could it be done? Could Kristin to do the impossible, and lead the way home? This intriguing and sometimes-comical work of fiction is the first of a two-part series that spans nearly three decades.
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ISBN: 9780615294179
ISBN-10: 0615294170
Publisher: N Gratitude Publishing
Publication Date: June 17th, 2010
Pages: 348
Language: English