The Peasant Queen: An Esther Retelling (Paperback)

The Peasant Queen: An Esther Retelling By Ashton E. Dorow Cover Image
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A king haunted by memories of his past...

A young woman fighting against her future...

Torn from her home and all that is familiar, Arabella of Caelrith finds herself as the unwilling bride of King Rowan of Acuniel--the man whose vengeful war stole her family.

Bitter and confused, Arabella struggles to find her place in this new life. That is, until someone tries to kill the king.Despite repeated warnings to stay out of the matter, Arabella investigates the attempt on Rowan's life, and his parents' long ago murder, unconcerned with the potential cost of her interference. But when tragedy strikes, the seriousness of the situation becomes all too clear. Is the price of knowing the truth higher than she is willing to pay?

When the fate of the kingdom and all that she holds dear is at stake, will Arabella have the courage to stand up against the evil endeavoring to destroy them all? Did God really abandon her when He left her to this fate? Or was she put in the king's palace... for such a time as this?
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ISBN: 9780578771281
ISBN-10: 0578771284
Publisher: Life & Lit Press
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 326
Language: English