Fire of the Fox (Paperback)

Fire of the Fox By Sylver Michaela Cover Image


Her dream. His freedom. Their Deal. Will her heart be safe?

All I ever wanted was to be an acclaimed painter. When I start Freshman year at university, I'm convinced my dream will only ever be that - a dream. It isn't until I'm told I have an opportunity to study abroad that I realize I may have a chance at the dream career I've always wanted. That is, until I learn how much the trip will cost. Feeling defeated, a chance encounter with a sexy stranger reignites my hope because he has the money, and he's willing to give it to me.

Albeit, not for free.

Two months. I just have to deal with this annoyingly handsome and snarky guy for two months. When I agree to be his fake girlfriend in exchange for the money, I find out that life as I knew it was a lie. Because my new "boyfriend" isn't normal, and the easy going life I'd had up until now is completely gone. Instead, I'm surrounded by magic, Fae, and a century's long war. How will I manage to come out of this two month long deal sane or with my heart still intact? Because I'm falling for the Fox, and I'm not so sure how much longer I can keep things as just business.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578387246
ISBN-10: 0578387247
Publisher: Indie Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2022
Pages: 384
Language: English