Conversation with Ronald Collins | Tragedy on Trial

MARCH 13 | 5 - 6 PM EST  

Join us in the library or online for a conversation with Ronald K. L. Collins, author of Tragedy on Trial: The Story of the Infamous Emmett Till Murder Trial.

Tragedy on Trial reveals as never before the entire and shocking story of the 1955 trial of Emmett Till's murderers. Based on extensive research, and accompanied by photos of the trial and a "For the Record" Introduction by Lonnie G. Bunch, III (Secretary of the Smithsonian), the brisk narrative brings the story alive, revealing all its manipulations

Science and Society | The Science of Aging

MARCH 5 | 5 - 6 PM

What do we know about aging and longevity, and how do we know it? Join us for a Science and Society lecture by Dr. Coleen Murphy, whose new book, How We Age: The Science of Longevity, chronicles the history and current state of research on aging. She describes how recent studies of centenarians, long-lived animals, and simple invertebrate animals, combined with breakthroughs in genomics and cell biology, have led to insights into the molecular mechanisms of longevity and aging. The research provides clues to how we might slow human aging, which could lead in turn to new therapeutics and treatments for age-related disease.